Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Chapter 14 : E-Busines

How do E-Commerce and E-Business differ ?

E-Commerce - the buying and selling of goods and serviices over the Internet.

E-Business - teh conducting of business on the internet icluding not only buying nd selling but also serving customers and collabrating with business partners.

E-Business Model

An Approach to conducting electronic business on the internet.

Business To Business

Electronic marketplace - interective business communities providing a central market where multiple buyers and sellers can engage.

Business To Customer

e-shop - a version of a retail store where customers can shop at any hour of the day without leaving their home.

e-mall - consists of a number e-shops.It serves as a gateway through which a visitor can access other e-shops.

Consumer To Business

The demand for this will increase over the next few years due to customer's desire for greater convenience and lower price.

Consumer To Consumer

Online auctions consist of :
- electronic auctions
- forward auction
- reverse auction


Web mashup - a web site or web apps that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new services.


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