Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Teams , Partnership And Alliances

Collaboration system - supports the work of teams by facillitating teh sharing and flow of information.

Collaboration System 

An IT-based set of tools that supports the work of teams by facillitating the sharing and flow of information.

2 categories of collaboration :

* Unstructured collaboration - includes documents exchange , shared whiteboards , discussion forums.

* Structured collaboration - involves shared participation in business processess such as workflow.

Knowledge Management System ( KM )

Involves capturing , classfying , evaluating , retrieving and sharing info assets in a way that provides context for effective decisions and actions.

Explicit and Tacit Knowledge

Content Management System ( CMS )

Provides tools to manage the creation , storage , editing and publication of info in a collabrative environment.

Working Wikis

Wikis - web-based tools that make it easy for users to add , remove and change online content.

Business wikis - collaborative web pages that allow users to edit documents and monitor the status of a project.

Workflow Management Systems

Groupware System

Software that supports team interactior and dynamics including calendaring and etc.


A set of interactive telecommunication that allow two or more locations to interact via two way video and audio transmissions simultaneously.

Web Conferences

Blends audio , video and document-sharing technologies to create virtual meeting rooms where people gather at a password web site.

Instant Messaging

Type of communications service that enables someone to create a kind of private chat room.


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